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Benefits of Picking the Right Size

You don't buy shirts two sizes too large, and you certainly wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes three sizes too small. So why settle on a recliner that isn't your size?  Best Home Furnishings supplies the largest selection of recliners, ranging in various styles and sizes. Why? Because every individual is unique.  And here at Best, we feel that comfort should be tailored to each person’s body type.

When the journey of shopping for a new recliner begins, it’s important to consider the primary user of the recliner. Determining the size, weight, shape and comfort preferences of the primary user will help narrow down your options.  Choosing the wrong size recliner can result in uncomfortable experiences and potentially unnecessary repairs down the road from wear.


Finding your size.

Everyone’s comfort preferences are different. How to determine what is too firm or too soft is up to every individual. Visiting a furniture store and sit testing the assortment of Best recliners in their showroom will give you a good feel for your own preference.

The amount of support will ultimately determine your overall satisfaction with a particular recliner.  When you first sit down in a recliner, observe and ask yourself:

  • Are my feet firmly on the ground?

  • Does the recliner offer optimal back and head support?

  • As the footrest is lifted, are my legs fully supported from the back of my feet, through my calves and all the way through my lower body.

  • Once the recliner is fully reclined, is the lower back support ideal, and is there sufficient head and neck support?

  • Do I prefer ample space between me and the armrests, or do I want my recliner to fit snuggly?

  • As I test out positions that I’ll sit in most commonly at home - such as when I'm reading or holding my phone - how do different areas of my body feel?

The above recommendations will ultimately lead you to a recliner that's sized for you. When shopping, keep in mind that Best Home Furnishings engineers and designs recliners specifically for a person’s height, weight and shape. While most competitors use a standard reclining mechanism and resize the frame of the recliner, Best develops mechanisms specifically for different-sized recliners. This valuable practice allows us to tailor the pitch, reclining tension and support features for a particular size. Best also includes many features that allow you to customize your comfort experience - such as adjustable kick-out tensions, removable backs with easy access to lumbar adjustment, zippers to rearrange, remove or add pillow fibers, velcro chaise lounges to “fluff up”, Power Tilt Headrest, and many more! Find the recliner for you at Best.

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Benefits of Picking the Right Size