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Worry Less About Clean Up, and More about What Matters

The thought of your brand new furniture keeping that brand new look shouldn't be the priority in your life. That's why Best Home Furnishings provides two state-of-the-art fabric technology brands each with their own unique cleanability stories. Browse our vast selection to find a fabric to fit your decor and lifestyle.

Performance Fabrics
Many fabrics in the Best Home Furnishings line are considered performance fabrics. These fabrics feature the easy to clean ability and are stain resistant or moisture repellent. Performance fabrics work great in high traffic areas and are perfect for families with children or pets. Micro deniers, suede Microfibers or nylon flocks, and cotton fabric with water-based liquid repellent are the different types of performance fabrics Best carries in the line. These types of fabrics have the ability to repel liquid. If a spill does occur, a water-based liquid will bead up on the surface allowing more time for stain removal before the liquid has a chance to penetrate the fiber. When you see our performance logo this means we believe in the cleanability of our product.
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Revolution Fabric Options
Revolution Fabrics

Several fabrics go one step further. Revolution started with an idea to create true performance fabrics that are durable, cleanable, and soft to the touch. Revolution is made in the USA in Kings Mountain, North Carolina from fiber to fabric. They are upcycled fibers produced in an environmentally conscious manner. Their resistance to fading makes Revolution a smart choice for rooms with exceptional sunlight. Please visit Revolution's web site for more information.

In addition to the benefits mentioned already, Revolution fabric offers many of the following advantages:

  • Stain resistant for life
  • No chemicals applied
  • Easy to clean and bleach safe
  • Exceptional durability
  • Resists fading in sunlight
  • Small carbon footprint

Revolution Fabric Options
OptiClean Fabrics

Opti Clean is a performance fabric system encasing every fiber to ensure cleanability, providing a two-level stain protection. At the first level, spills are repelled and prevented from entering the fabric so stains are easily removed. Should stains penetrate the fabric's surface or go unnoticed, the second barrier with a releasing property prevents most stains from becoming permanent.

To clean, simply blot the spill with a white cotton cloth or paper towel and the stain should disappear. For a more residual stain use mild soap and water, an work in a circular motion starting from the outside of the stain moving towards the center.

*Limited availability in Maine. Click swatch details below for more information.

OptiClean Fabric Options
Fortress Fabric Options
Fortress Fabrics
The Fortress Home Performance brand features upholstery and drapery weight fabrics for residential use. It is designed to withstand the challenges of everyday life the kids, the pets, the spills. This collection boasts easy clean properties, extreme durability and is water and stain resistant. The active home needs protective fabrics.
Fortress Fabric Options
Cleaning Codes:
Spot clean with a water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner only.
Spot clean with a water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner only.
Clean with dry cleaning solvents only. Do not use water.
Clean with dry cleaning solvents only. Do not use water.
Clean with shampoo, foam, or dry cleaning solvents
Clean with shampoo, foam, or dry cleaning solvents.
Performance Fabrics Chart
Uplifting Comfort Performance Covers:

Senior living and other high-performance residential environments shouldn't feel institutional. Historically, only the harshest "super fabrics" were considered for these settings. Alta retires this notion with the next generation of fabric technology that enables soft, warm, and beautiful fabric to perform in the most demanding environments. For heavy-duty or high-traffic seating, Alta ramps up performance with a total liquid barrier, antimicrobial, and repellency to fluids and oil-based stains. Exceptional cleanability comes standard with all Alta applications. Whatever the space, soft and comfortable textiles are easy to maintain and tough as nails, without looking for feeling that way. After all, everyone should be able to love where they live.

alta Performance Covers
Valero Performance Covers

Valero is a high-performance traditional leather grain vinyl used in residential and healthcare settings. The surface is impermeable to moisture providing the fluid barrier, and with proper cleaning, not only aids in reducing the number of infectious agents, but also serves to minimize the potential transfer of microorganisms from one person or object to another. The Center for Disease Control, as well as independent hospital studies, validate vinyl-coated fabrics as the covering of choice in healthcare seating.

Spradling, the mill of the vinyl product, has developed new, unique, and exclusive technologies that significantly improve the product’s wear, stain-resistance, and chemical-resistance performance.

Valero does not contain flame retardants and complies with Prop 65 requirements. Valero currently only available on the Kenley Lift Recliner.

Valero Performance Covers

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