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The only thing more important than feeling good, is looking good.  That’s why we offer over 700 fabric, leather and finish options to customize your tastes, all within one of the industry’s shortest turnaround times.  We don't do this to confuse you, but to satisfy you.  Whether you seek to make statements with the bold contemporary pieces, are interested in a more traditional look--or even your style falls in the middle with a transitional feel that can go both ways--we offer the product styles and the fabrics that define you. 

Over 700 different fabric and leather styles have been brought in from the top mills and tanneries all across the world.  Each are hand-selected and hand-tested for quality, and while our products are available in these broad range of covers, this doesn’t mean long turnaround times.  Innovative technology and lean manufacturing procedures allow us to offer you customized products and still complete the piece in days, not weeks.