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Pillows are one of our favorite décor accents. They're fun to switch out periodically and can really freshen up a space. Faux sheep skin pillows of different textures are a hot trend and Best has a selection you must have in your space! Soft textured or patterned benches and ottomans in front of a sofa is a beautiful bold statement and more cozy than a wooden coffee table. It acts as a cocktail table, but can also add extra seating or storage if you choose an ottoman with this option. Put your feet up and get inspired with over 700 fabrics to choose from!
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Pillow 1
Pillow 1 9" X 21"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 2
Pillow 2 12.5" X 20.5"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 3
Pillow 3 14" X 23"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 4
Pillow 4 20" X 20"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 5
Pillow 5 18" X 18"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 6
Pillow 6 18" X 18"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 13
Pillow 13 18.5" X 18.5"
700+ Fabric Options
Pillow 14
Pillow 14 21" X 21"
700+ Fabric Options