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Glossary of Terms

Adjustable Back Tension - The ability to make the back recline easier or firmer by adding an aftermarket spring.  Please note that this is only available on limited models.


Adjustable Kickout - The ability to give the footrest more or less tension when opening and closing.  This can be done by adjusting the factory footrest spring or adding an aftermarket spring.  Watch this video for instructions on how to adjust a recliner kickout.


Custom Comfort - Best Home Furnishings' products are well known for their quality and comfort. Part of what makes them so uniquely comfortable is the proprietary blend of pillow cushioning fibers utilized in many areas of the backs, arm supports or seat lounges. like your pillows that you rest your head on each night, a person’s preference varies for how firm or soft they would like their cushioning. With convenient zipper access, much of our furniture can be tailored to your liking. Products designated with the Custom Comfort name feature zippers to allow you to add, remove or reshuffle the pillow fibers to suit your comfort level.


High-Leg Recliner - A high-leg recliner is designed to appeal to those who desire the comfort of a “traditional” recliner but still want the style of an accent chair.  You'll commonly find this recliner sitting upon taller wood-finished legs.  Not to be confused with a 2-way recliner, all Best Home Furnishings' high-leg recliners are characterized as 3-way recliners. In short, this means there are three positions - closed, TV position (leg extension up with the back is still in an upright position) and reclined all the way back. 2-way recliners offer only two positions - closed and the kickout extended out with the back reclined back. High-leg recliners are available with the power upgrade that features stylish touch button activation, or Power Tilt Headrest with a four-button push pad with a USB charging port. The non-power options will recline with a simple push back on the arms of the chair.  See option availability on product pages of website.


Lift Recliner - Sometimes a gentle assist is required to exit or be seated in your chair. Featuring all the advantages of a common recliner, Best Home Furnishings' power lift recliners will rise to a near-standing position and then lower down to a seated position. They will then recline to a seemingly infinite number of reclining positions. An ergonomic hand wand will control this functionality along with the reclining motion. Our power lift recliners are renowned for their comfort and durability. They are also a recliner of choice for their ability to be placed close to the wall while still providing a comfortable layout. From smaller, petite recliners all the way to the oversized Beast® recliner, we have recliners to suit all shapes and sizes. Pay special attention to upgrade options like heat/massage, power tilt headrest, two-motor lift - which allows the back to act independently of the kickout - and lift function. Learn more.


Mechanism - Recliner mechanisms are comprised of steel and other components working in unison to drive the reclining function. Best Home Furnishings' recliner mechanisms are built and partially assembled by Missouri-based industry leader, Leggett & Platt®. The partially assembled parts are shipped to Best Home Furnishings' Southern Indiana manufactured facilities where they are fully assembled and installed into the reclining furniture.

Best’s engineering team works hard to differentiate our reclining mechanisms from others in the industry. In partnership with Leggett & Platt®, we’ve developed the Comfort Sync technology to provide the ultimate in performance, innovation and relaxation.  Learn more.

We also design and develop our mechanisms to suit the size of the recliner. Instead of using the same mechanism in all shapes and sizes, we will engineer a mechanism specifically for our petite size recliners, for our medium size recliners, Bodyrest®, Beast® and so on.  This attention to detail will provide a higher level of comfort, better reclining experience and a more durable recliner.


Performa-Weave® - Performa-Weave® is an exclusive seat cushion material made from a breathable matrix of synthetic fibers. Found in the seats and chaise lounges of many Best Home Furnishings products, this material mimics micro springs to create a resilient, yet comfortable seating experience. Also, the breathable cushion matrix that the cushion material is made from allows air to pass through, offering a cooler seating experience. Performa-Weave® has been tested extensively, and the results have demonstrated that the cushion to holds its shape sit after sit. In fact, it is 35% more durable than standard air-lay polyester chaise pads. Learn more.


Power Recline - Also known as an electric recliner. Gone are the days of using grandpa’s outside reclining handle to kick back and relax. In addition to being a neat functionality, power recline offers many benefits:

  • With the ease of pushing a button, you can stop the recliner in a seemingly infinite number of positions. This allows you to choose a specific way in which you want to relax.

  • Despite the beliefs that electronics would yield more problems, the opposite is true. Power recline is smoother and easier on the mechanism and overall frame of a recliner. In most cases, you’ll have fewer issues in the long run with a power recline versus a manual recliner.

  • Many of our power recline buttons come with a USB charging port. You can simultaneously charge your devices while playing games, watching videos or scrolling through your timeline.

Throughout our reclining product line, you’ll find a variety of activation buttons - such as tethered hand wands, metallic pushbuttons, metallic touch buttons and even our exclusive Comfort Dial that incorporates the controls for our Power Tilt Headrest feature.

Power recliners are easy to set up.  You simply connect the female end of the transformer to the motor wire located at the back base of the recliner, and plug in the transformer. You may also opt for a battery instead of plugging your recliner into a wall outlet.


Power Tilt Headrest - Recliners that feature the power tilt headrest option have a secondary motor installed in the upper back. By activating the specific controls, you can operate this motor to move your headrest up or forward and back down again - stopping at any spot in between. The tilt headrest feature provides more head and neck support, particularly in a reclined position. When reclined all the way back and the head tilt is positioned up or forward, you can have a better view for watching television or reading. Learn More.


Removable Backs - All Best Home Furnishings reclining products are shipped from our manufacturing facilities with the backs removed. This feature is advantageous for several shipping and handling situations. Once a back has been “installed,” it can still be removed to ease in the maneuvering and transportation of the piece of furniture to new locations. The process of attaching and removing the backs is simple. We have provided a video for assistance.

Removable backs also possess a unique feature not found in many other recliners sold throughout the marketplace. A velcro panel allows for easy access to the blown pillow fibers  where applicable. The user can adjust, add or subtract the pillow fibers to customize the lumbar support found in the lower back. This video shows how to access and adjust the pillow fibers in your recliner lumbar.


Space Saver® - Also known as wall hugger, wall away or wall recliners. Best Home Furnishings' recliners with this feature have been engineered to recline to a full layout while being placed close to the wall. In many instances, recliners with this feature can be placed as close as 2-4 inches. They are ideal for rooms with limited space or if you’d prefer your recliner base not to move. Space Saver® recliners have no added mobility, such as gliding or rocking, which would require additional space for movement. Space Saver® recliners are available with the option of manual or power recline.


Swivel Glider Recliner - The combination of a whisper smooth gliding feature with the versatile swivel action will have you lounging with joy. Add in the ultimate recline feature, and you’ll be resting in an oasis.  Manual recline versions will swivel 360 degrees, while the power recline will swivel 180 degrees.  As the footrest of the recliner is raised, the gliding feature does lock. However, you will still be able to swivel the chair by hand.


Swivel Rocker Recliner - With a soothing motion reminiscent of a front porch rocker, these recliners will lull your worries away. They are available in power recliner or manual recline with an outside handle. As the kickout is raised, the rocking motion will give way to a stationary nonmovement. Rocking recliners can be found within reclining loveseats as well, where each seat can move independently of the other.