A Glam Nursery That Will Make You Blush | Best Home Furnishings

Naomi Alon, who could possibly be dubbed an expert at this point, designed this angelic nursery with it’s perfectly placed pink hues and splashes of gold and white.

Naomi, owner of Little Crown Interiors, started decorating nurseries after she saw specific skills missing from multiple other firms. Over the last 10 years, she’s acclaimed HGTV’s 2019 designer of the month and has been featured in People Magazine and California Home & Design Magazine. This all comes as no surprise after seeing the gorgeous nursery she designed for Irene Khan, an Instagram influencer that broadcasts to nearly 500,000 followers.

This nursery combines traditional home décor with more contemporary feels, but it’s our Nikole Gilder and ottoman in a light pink texture that really bring the space together. The fabric is a perfect play on the vibrant wallpaper and looks adorable next to the gold accent table and matching lamp. We couldn’t possibly think of a better place to relax for many years to come. Read through Irene Khan’s blog to check out all the gorgeous details.

Irene Sarah Nikole Swivel Glider Nursery

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