Power Of Quality | Best Chairs - Storytime Series

Cutting corners doesn’t cut it.

Best Chairs formula for success starts with the highest quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. While this approach requires a little more effort, the benefits are obvious. Pair our QUALITY standards with one of the best warranties in the industry and no one compares.

Power Of Best
Power Of Quality
  • Hardwood frame parts using native trees provide the backbone to a sturdy frame.
  • Fully automated computer scan and cut systems process nearly 20 miles of lumber per day to read and cut out defects.
  • Joints are doweled, screwed, glued, stapled and corner blocked.
  • High stress points are reinforced with deep penetrating truss plates.
  • Best employs over 60 seasoned upholsterers with an average of 16+ years of experience.
  • Sewing inspection utilizes an 18 point checklist ranging from seam allowance to the number of stitches per inch.
  • 100% of parts are inspected prior to use with each product.
  • Each product that leaves our facility is inspected and must pass our QUALITY standards.