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Super Bowl 51 was one for the ages.  You had good versus evil, epic comebacks, one of the top halftime performances ever, and a legendary coach and quarterback rewriting history books all sandwiched in 4 entertaining hours.  But what makes just as many postgame headlines than the Falcons’ unprecedented collapse?  Commercials!  That’s right, 113.7 million people tuned in to the biggest sporting event of the year, but we’d guess half were more interested in the advertising spots between timeouts, than where the referee was spotting the ball.
There were some memorable commercials this year, and the debate about which was the funniest, which had the biggest impact, and which was the most controversial can be battled between TMZ and Advertising Age.  There happened to be just one that stood out to us.
Between our last bite of a crunchy carrot and hummus (that offsets all the cookies and cheese dip we ate that night, right?) we reconvened our attention to the tv, and there stood a golden Colonel Sanders.  KFC is promoting its new Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ with a battle between the old colonel and this new, bright and shiny colonel all doused in 15 cans of golden paint.  We could see in the background, as if it was photobombing this silver turned golden hair spokesperson, part of a familiar looking recliner. 
Our furniture is like our babies. We have designed them from scratch.  Every piece of hardwood making up their frame parts were selected for a particular reason.  The mechanism, performing the most relaxing of functions, had been tested and retested ensuring years of enjoyable support.  It’s like a fashion show, getting to sort through the 700 covers, hand picking the one to adorn this reclining beauty that will ultimately set in someone’s home or man-cave.
So, when we saw our Maddox recliner making a cameo appearance on one of the biggest stages in the biggest television nights of the year, we were gleaming with pride.  We called our mothers, grandmothers, friends and relatives.  Our baby was grown up and performing without incident.
Further research discovered, this wasn’t just one appearance.  Our Maddox recliner had landed the biggest role in her lifetime.  Four KFC commercials touting their new sauce needed a supporting actress.  Let’s just say, the Maddox may be up for many "Golden" Globes next awards season, and she’ll be the favorite to win Best "Supporting" Actress.




  *Editors note, the Maddox is not currently available in solid gold.