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When you're ready to sit back and relax, our state-of-the-art Comfort Sync system is ready to cater to our every comfort. Developed in conjunction with industry-leading experts at Leggett & Platt, our proprietary Comfort Sync system offers the ultimate in performance, innovation and relaxation.
The perfect chair is a cozy, welcoming retreat from the everyday. Our Comfort Sync system offers three key comfort-creating advances that'll make your Best reclining furniture an instant favorite:
Enhanced Recline Ability
Improved Lumbar Support
Upgraded Leg Rest
Lay nearly flat while just 2" from the wall
Lay it all out there.
The Comfort Sync system is engineered to lay back nearly flat, without sacrificing space in your room. As you recline, the chair synchronizes with your body for continuous support of key comfort zones. Many of our recliners can be positioned as close as 2" from the wall.
No gap between your back and the chair
Lumbar love.
Our upgraded lumbar feature contours to the natural curve of your lower back by filling the gap between the chair and your back as you recline. This helps to relieve key body pressure points, encourge better posture and support your entire body for restorative relaxation.
Our longest leg support yet for optimal comfort
Kick back and relax.
Our longest leg support yet allows for even distribution of your lower body weight to help improve circulation and reduce stress to your legs. The footrest moves when you want it to and the reclining action moves in sync with your body. This allows for a seemingly infinite reclining positions, including the TV watching position or a nearly flat layout. This provides optimal head, neck, back, and leg support wheather you're reading, watching movies or napping.
See the difference the innovative Best research and engineering makes.
Best drives the industry forward by working closley with home furnishings leader Leggett & Platt to design and engineer exclusive features of our premier reclining mechanisms.
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With our patented back movement, the seat swoops forward and up as you recline, creating extra lumbar support. And our patented geometry allows for close-to-the-wall clearance.
A steel recliner rod synchronizes the recline mechanism linkages on both sides to provide a smooth, uniform reclining experience.
Our leg extension features an advanced six-bar front mechanism linkage to provide a longer and taller kickout than standard four-bar mechanisms.
The heavy-duty Comfort Sync system is constructed in the USA using a combination of steel components ranging from 5 to 9 gauge. With a steel-to-floor mechanism for stronger, more stable chair base.
Comfort you can count on.
Comfort Sync is engineered with the perfect balance of comfort and durability, because once you find the perfect recliner; you'll want to enjoy it for the years to come. Our sturdy steel construction supports a broad range of shapes and sizes, while the smooth, gentle motion effortlessly follows your every move.
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