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Work From Home
Make WFH OMG (in a good way!)

The pandemic marked the transition of bringing the office-and the school-into the home. For many, it still continues. A huge part of people's productivity in any environment is their comfort level, and that means having a seating surface that's worthy of spending five days a week, 52 weeks a year in it!

Doing Double Duty
Doing Double Duty

There are a lot of office chairs out there. But not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated room with a traditional desk and chair, especially when there are multiple people in one house remote learning or working! Some of us will want a chair that blends in to their existing furniture and then can be pulled over to a makeshift desk when they need it. Plus, we may be thinking long-term and figure that at some point, we'll go back into the office, so consider something you can use even after WFH ends.

Who Needs a Desk
Who Needs a Desk?

A lot of people have ditched the desktop PC for laptops and tablets. So a desk may not even be necessary-especially if space is at a premium. What is required is a spot that's cozy enough for marathon sessions and also has built-in convenience. Many of our furniture have storage areas to stash books and paperwork and USB ports to charge your devices.

Curated Home Office Picks
Curated Home Office Picks

Our product specialists have combed through all of Best's chairs to come up with a selection that would be great for many home-office workers and e-learners. Here are some of our favorites.