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After your baby is all grown up, you are left with heaps and mounds of baby clothes and baby gear.  Not to mention, what do you do with the larger items like the toys, bouncy chairs, high chairs, baby furniture and cribs.  Sure hand me downs tend to weed a lot of the items out, and yard sales and garage sales can definitely rid you of your now obsolete items.  But, it feels like you are being robbed!  You paid good money for these items, and the countless hours of research to make sure you made the best decision is a paycheck's worth!  So, how about finding inventive ways to using these items???  This article found on gives great ideas on upcycling your cribs.

5 Things To Do With Baby Cribs

If your child has outgrown her baby crib, you may have found it’s a tough piece of furniture to dispose of. Even thrift stores don’t accept older cribs, because in 2011 federal safety regulations changed, making it illegal to sell models now considered substandard. Rather than storing your crib or throwing it away, why not try committing it to a new purpose? For inspiration, scroll down to see five favorite repurposed crib ideas, none of which requires advanced skills or tools.