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Brass is Back!

According to Elle DÉCOR, their Trend Alert is telling us that brass is back!  Remember changing your brass door knobs and chandeliers what seems like only a few years ago to get the 70's and 80's feel out of our homes? Well, brass is back, but in a new way. The element of brass brings in a rich gleam and can be used in accessories, accent tables, or wall décor. 

Brass is Back!

Make Your Emerald Palace!

Emerald Green is the Pantone color of the year for 2013. This is a great color to use for accents in the home. All shades of Emerald are being used and many designs include using more than one shade of this bold color in a single room to create a monochromatic space. Mix green with neutrals to maximize the impact! 

Emerald Palace


Embellished Walls

Embellished walls and using wall covers will continue to trend and grow stronger. Adding texture or design to a wall gives a warm feeling and adds character to any room.

Embellished Walls


Dainty Lacy

Lace is also showing up everywhere. This has been big on the runways for months and now trickling down to home furnishings accents. Seen in drapery, bedding, and pillow accents, it’s no longer just for grandma! 



Beige is not boring! Using a blend of shades and textures creates a serene feel and adds interest. For every trend there is a counter trend, and the beige pallet is a counter trend to the brighter pallets using Emerald. 


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