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They’re in their teens and early twenties. They’re just starting out and don’t have much money, yet willing spend their earnings on higher ticket items such as clothing and technology.  They still like to display their individuality, while being hip and modern… and often retro. And they’re used to immediate gratification, so don’t ask them to wait for anything. 

They’re Generation Y, the tech-savvy, thought-leading up-and-comers who are making an indelible mark on our society.YOLO

Gen Y is in luck! Best Home Furnishing has assembled a group of unique, small-in-stature, big on style, contemporary products that specifically targets this buying group. Marketed as “YOLO. Be True. Be You.”, the line, consists of 26 of Best’s trendiest chairs, glide rockers, stationary groups and benches, available in over 20 trendy fabric designs.

“Best has some very contemporary furniture and fabrics that appeal to the Gen Y consumer,” says Brian Lange, president of Best Home Furnishings. “We assembled the YOLO line to appeal to the specific interests of this demographic.  Not only are the styles really cool, but they’re also affordable on a budget. And, our five-day manufacturing time will keep these shoppers satisfied.”

Scheduled to launch on October 13, and retail averaging around $300-400, the YOLO line will be marketed to teenagers, college students and young adults who want trendy, long-lasting furniture on a budget. The line includes 16 chairs, two glide rockers, four stationary groups and four benches, and can be upholstered in over 20 hip and eye-catching fabric styles.

The YOLO line will be promoted in participating stores, which will have a sampling of the chairs accompanied by eye-catching brochures, fabric swatches and other point of sale materials. Buyers will be able to visit the YOLO splash page for more information on the complete line.