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App Will Help Dealers Simplify the Customization Process for Consumers

FERDINAND, IN – Best Home Furnishings, a leading US furniture manufacturer, has launched their highly anticipated mobile retail app. The brand new app will allow furniture dealers’ to “virtually” expand their showrooms, as it will allow customers to see beyond what is shown on the sales room floor.

Best Home Furnishings knows how tedious and complicated ordering custom products can be; and the new retail app will help simplify the product customization process. The app will help automate the process by allowing sales associates, as well as in store guests, to quickly and easily narrow down choices when it comes to products, fabrics, finishes, and pricing, making it easy to see the final information needed to place an order with Best Home Furnishings. Best Home Furnishings Retail App

The company implemented a four-tier approach to bringing the app to life: research, development, implementation, follow-up. Through a process of surveying and interviewing Best’s dealers, as well as internal team members, the research indicated that while custom ordering is what drives many full line furniture store’s business, the process was not easy for the consumer or the retail store.


"We wanted to develop a simple, inspirational tool for our retailers, as well as consumers browsing on their own, that gives them the ability to easily shop and customize our furniture," says Brian Lange, president of Best Home Furnishings.

"The BHF Retail App accomplishes just that. We have removed all obstacles from the shopping process when it comes to choosing a product not shown on a retailer's floor." The new retail app is optimized for mobile tablets, as well as larger, touch-screen kiosks and is available on both iOS and Android operating systems to ensure it’s accessible to a wide audience. The app will be free to dealers.