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Not only is style taken into consideration when the meticulous tasks of selecting covers is  underway, but a close look into the quality of a fabric and leather is also judged.  All fabrics are required to pass Joint Industry Fabric Guidelines to minimize fiber migration.  These tests evaluate fabric performance and are based on their durability, color-fastness, fiber migration, seam slippage and flammability, among others.  Best Home Furnishings goes one step further and performs horizontal cycle tests which assess fabric abrasion, shedding and frame and caster tests. 

When accidents do occur and cleaning is required, you may refer to your authorized Best Home Furnishings dealer for the cleaning codes of your respective fabric.  The cleaning code is also located on the ID tag underneath the frame of your product.  The cleaning code descriptions are as follows: 

W:  Spot clean with a water based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner only

S:  Clean with dry cleaning solvents only.  Do not use water

W-S:  Clean with shampoo, foam or dry cleaning solvents

It is recommended to clean stains by a professional furniture service. 

Best Home Furnishings Performance Logo
Many fabrics in the Best Home Furnishings line are considered “performance fabrics.”  These fabrics feature the easy to clean ability and are stain resistant or moisture repellent. Performance fabrics work great in high traffic areas and are perfect for families with children or pets. Micro deniers or "suede," Microfibres or nylon flocks, and cotton fabric with water-based liquid repellant are the different types of "performance" fabrics Best carries in the line. These types of fabrics have the ability to repel liquid. If a spill does occcur, a water-based liquid will bead up on the surface allowing more time for stain removal before the liquid has a chance to penetrate the fiber. When you see our "performance" logo this means we believe in the cleanability of our product.

Several fabrics go even one step further. Microfibres' "Super Finish" is an exceptional repellant additive that is put on the fabric during the manufacturing process. "Super Finish" gives tremendous repellency for all liquids, including juices and wine. It also repels stains that can occur from things like shoe polish, condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.), lipstick, marker and other items. Almost all stains can be easily removed with a mild (5%) solution of dishwashing soap and water. Consult your dealer for the proper cleaning instructions for your selected fabric.

Best Home Furnishings Performance Fabrics



Taking care of your top grain cowhide leather upholstery is easier than caring for many fabrics.  Some leathers require special cleaning instructions, but for many leathers use the following instructions. 

For normal use, dust or vacuum regularly and keep away from direct sunlight or direct exposure to heating vents.  For soiled areas, just moisten soft cloth or sponge with mild soap (such as Castile or Ivory) and lukewarm water, and apply gently to all soiled portions of leather surface.  Remove all lather, and wipe with a clean damp cloth.  Dry with another soft cloth, rubbing gently to restore the original luster.

Never use polishes, oils, ammonia, cleaning fluids, solvents or detergents to clean leather upholstery as any of these may cause smears, color streaking and/or damage to the leather surface.


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